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cross roads

at a cross road? Don't know who to turn to for advice?

on demand. by appointment only.

"So I've reached a cross roads and I don't know who to turn to for advice. At this point I think I trust only your advice. Do you have a consult or similar service? Every time I ask what to do, I see your face flash in my mind."

- Anonymous.

That was another message I received in my LinkedIn inbox recently.

Straight off the bat, let's not mess around. I'm 100% sure I can help you solve this problem because I've done it many times before.

I have a process that works! How's that you ask?

I design conversations for people to have with themselves, each other, in small groups and in large teams. I've been doing this for a long time and when you've been doing anything for a long time, you get good at it. My friends and colleagues know this and why I get these messages.

I love being able to provide this service.

There's nothing more thrilling to see someone's spark and excitement return when they realise where they're supposed to be and what they're supposed to be doing. The weight is lifted!

You see, what I know is that you already know the answer to your particular cross road. But oftentimes there's so much noise around that it's hard for you to see it. With so many opinions, facts, conflicting opinions and noise buzzing around in your head, how could you? 

Stop wasting time. Get in touch and let's get this done!!! 





I think i know

but I'm not quite sure

maybe I have no idea!

If you think you already know but aren't quite sure, let's validate it. Guaranteed.

One thing that will waste your time is indecision. Not making a decision is wasting time. What we're really scared of is making the wrong decision so we waste a LOT of time in indecision. It wears us down and it causes real physical and psychological pain. Don't spend another minute in it. This process is simple, it's logical and it works - guaranteed.

If you don't know we'll help you find it. Guaranteed.

No idea at all? We have the process to help you uncover what's valuable and important to you so you can work your way through this. A process to cut through and help you separate out what's really important and provide the clear direction you need. This process is simple, it's logical and it works - guaranteed. 

Vintage Wood Clocks

this is your time

today is about you!

Get selfish for a bit will you!!!


When you look after your own needs first you show up as a better person to everyone around you. The opposite is also true. Don’t wait in indecision, it's depleting you of energy. 

The time for you to be helping yourself is NOW!!!

This process will organise your thoughts and redefine what matters most to you so you can see with absolute clarity where to go and what to do next. A resonating vision of yourself that will inspire and motivate you. A version of you that will return the spark and excitement you seek.


how much will it cost?


That's how close you are, you just have to make the decision now!!! Think of what not knowing is costing you? Financially? Emotionally? Physically? Psychologically? In your relationships with yourself and those close to you?


Walking around a little like a zombie doing what you're supposed to, yes sir, no sir, stamping this, sorting that, dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Having to do things that don't mean anything to you. Feeling frustrated, lost, depleted emotionally maybe even a little "peeved" or "angry". I know!!!


 Makes you feel like life is out of your control. It's not!

At the end of this you'll be able to say "I know exactly who I am and where I'm going next!"

How many people do you know who can say that honestly?

Money is Energy. And this is an energy exchange.

It will cost upwards of $1000 depending on how deep you want to go!

But for that spend you will get your answers.


I want you to know that upfront so we can both put the money behind us and get on with the task at hand. I know this is valuable to you. My time is valuable too.

But first things first.

I need to learn about your particular cross roads. 


So now the decision is up to you.

Decide whether you want to kick this thing off and make a start today!




a bit about me


Profile Pic & Signature Mechanic.png

Bernard Schokman, Design Thinker and Founder of Design Moshpit, has worked in numerous digital roles across large corporations, medium sized and startups. In 2007 he moved into a career deep in Strategy and Design.


Having reinvented himself on numerous occasions he wanted to capture the essence of how that process works and design something to help himself and others do it again and again and again. 

He has authored industry design books "UX Like a BOSS" and co-authored "Design Thinking Moderator" with Sean McGuire - Design Thinker at Microsoft. He has also provided design mentoring for various organisations across Australia while lecturing in Design Management at Victoria University and helping founders and co-founders deisgn their business with The Startup Model Canvas.


He’s a father of three, a compliment to an amazing woman, loves learning, surfing, ocean swimming and has an insatiable appetite for deep conversation with anyone.

Ok, that's enough about me.

Kick-start thing thing if you're ready because if you are...

"Buckle up Dorethy, cause going bye byes!!!"




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