Individuals, Founders &

Micro-Business Owners.

Senior Consultants

  • You're a senior consultant and been working in your industry for many years.

  • You're doing the daily travel to and from work, but these days it's feeling different.

  • You're wishing you had more time to spend with your significant other, the kids, your hobbies and exercise.

  • There's some big questions on your mind, you don't feel fully stimulated or utilised at work and you still have so much to give.

  • Ever thought to put a few hours aside each week and begin to create that little something with a little passion???

  • Something you're truly passionate about, so passionate that time stops when you're doing it!

  • Maybe it's time to experience how answering a few questions can start the ball rolling for you?

  • Introducing the Business Lifestyle Design Jam.

Business Lifestyle Design Jam

The Lifestylepreneur, Digital Nomad or Gig Economy are those moving away from traditional work by creating new businesses.

  • They are striking out on their own with innovative ideas, products and services.

  • They want more control over their own work and life.

  • Everyday becomes more of a pleasure and less of 'the grind'.

  • The big questions for people like this that are starting out are:

    • What thing am I really passionate about?

    • What lifestyle would I really want to live if I could live that now?

    • How do I maintain the status quo, discover the answers to these questions and have some serious fun along the way?

If these questions peek your interest, then this workshop is for you.

  • Business Lifestyle Design is a system designed to discover the passion, business and lifestyle you really desire.

  • Not the one society, your parents, friends or even you, thought you wanted.

  • The system is so simple, a child could use it.

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