4 Mind-Blowing Questions For The Digital Nomad!!!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Where It All Started

Back in early 2010 I was at a cross roads in life. I had attained a substantial number of achievements and life was pretty good. As I was approaching forty, I imagined what the next twenty years would look like on that trajectory, and it made me feel a little deflated. Nothing was wrong, it just wasn't 'exiting'. It just looked like more of the same!

After several brief repetitions of that deflating vision, I decided that the next twenty was going to be different - but I just didn't know where and how to start!!! Well, here I am nearly a decade on and things are very different. It was a system that came together over time, that helped me discover what I wanted in the first place and it's finally the right time to share it. The one thing I was quite certain of, was that I was ready to start something for myself - something I really wanted to do every day.

Here I am nearly a decade on and things look very different. I finally worked out how to start my jigsaw puzzle and it came in pieces over years. But finally, I assembled a tried and tested method that you won't just use once, you'll use it forever.

This system sets your compass. Your True North!

And you always seem to be adjusting that by a degree or two!

You'll see.

The Foundation Questions

During that time I've learned of the terms Digital Nomad, Lifestylepreneur and Gig-economy. It's a different way of working. These people have moved away from traditional view of 'work' as we know it. Digital Nomads strike out on their own with innovative ideas, products and services.

They do this because they want more control over work, life and lifestyle. But how do you discover what you want when you're not sure?

There's core questions every digital nomad had to discover honest answers to and here they are in no order of priority:

  • What sort of future experiences do I want to pull into my life?

  • How do I keep a scorecard on what's important to me now?

  • How do I step myself towards that ideal life everyday?

  • How do I sustain a bulletproof-monk like focus and commitment?

If these questions pique your interest, keep reading.

A Step-by-Step System

The last 9 years have of course been filled with trials and tribulations. But there's nowhere else I would have rather been.

In the tough times I would always ask myself "is there anywhere else you'd rather be or anything else you'd rather be doing?" The answer was always "No!".

I've gathered new skills and learned important lessons. Most importantly though, I discovered a simple, step-by-step system designed to discover your ideal Business-Lifestyle Design when you have no idea what it is.

This is about discovering your personal, fulfilling way of living.

A blueprint for your kind of life.

The foundations are now ready to share with like-minded Digital Nomads like yourself. With this system you'll do it faster. But get the foundations setup right first!!! The foundations for the system are comprised of the following:-

  • Identifying your future Vision that's meaningful to you,

  • Articulating a personal Scorecard so every 'today' is rewarding and satisfying

  • A way to manage and qualify your Task List of to be done things.

  • A way to keep Focus and Commitment like a zen buddhist monk.

They are your insurance policy against overwhelm and disengagement!

This Information is Not On The Web

There's a bunch of information on the web answering the question "what is a digital nomad?" by organisations such as Open Collages, HubSpot and NomadsWorld. There's also information on how to become a digital nomad, how to make money as a digital nomad and what it's really like to be a digital nomad. But I have yet to see solid information about how to get your groove-thang started. The hardest part is always getting started right and I'm not talking about a boring old Business Plan either. What I'm talking about is scraping it right back and getting to the core of what's important to you!

Had Enough???

The thing I know for sure is that not everyone is willing to act and change. You have to be ready and only you can do that. It requires a level of courage and then a level of self-trickery because your subconscious is setup to stop you doing things that are dangerous! And as far as your subconscious is concerned this is unchartered territory and therefore, very, very dangerous. We've got that covered!!!

But if you have had enough, then it's time to clear your calendar, make the commitment to start today and take the first steps to discover your ideal Business and Lifestyle Design. This Business Lifestyle Design System is designed to discover the business and lifestyle you really desire, not the one your family, society, friends or even you thought you wanted. The system has been designed to uncover your deepest desires and create a plan on how to make it happen. We've simplified the system so even a child could use it.

In just two hours we'll workshop the three fundamental steps.

  • Business Lifestyle "Experiences" Module: Design the Future and understand the types of experiences you want in life, not just the goals you desire.

  • Business Lifestyle "Scorecard" Module: Design the Now and understand what it takes for you to be 'happy' on a day to day basis along with a tool for keeping score.

  • Business Lifestyle "Most Important Tasks" Module: Manage the tasks and understand how you're going to invest your time daily, weekly and monthly.

And for good measure I've decided I'll throw in the following:

  • Business Lifestyle "Focus and Commitment" Module: Manage your own mind and understand and put into practice what you must do to bypass your subconscious and attain the focus and commitment like a zen buddhist monk.

So if you want to experience a step-by-step system designed to discover your ideal Business and Lifestyle when you have no idea what that is, then it's time for you to experience the four essential steps of the Business-Lifestyle Design Jam.

Design Moshpit (DM) are a boutique consultancy that facilitate purpose-built Design Thinking workshops. These Design Thinking Jams get pretty jam-packed, create a lot of conversation, collaboration and are serious fun! The place to start if you're new to it is with the Lightning Decision Jam.

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