My Dirty Little Secret About Purpose. It's Torture!!!

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Here's me in 2010 on my birthday.

A monumental crossroads. I remember the wish I put "out there" for that Muay Thai training camp in Thailand. I wanted to meet someone who could help change the trajectory of my life, because I didn't know where to start or how to do it myself. I was at a point where I had achieved many of the things I'd hoped to in my life - spiritual, personal, fitness, finances and career.

But I was still not happy or fulfilled by a long shot.

All the things I was led to believe would make me happy, just didn't. And when I got there that "emptiness" gutted me. Looking forward into the next 20 years I could see that my life was going to deliver me more of the same unless something changed. Continuing to participate in the 9-5 zombie to pursue a set of mindless organisational goals for more, so I too could amass more finances, assets, self-important job role and perceived social status, now seemed like a waste of what could possibly otherwise be a more ulfilling and satisfying life!

And for what end??? To have done "the right thing" as a partner, father, friend or son? For more of a pay cheque???

It didn't make sense anymore.

I only had to look o the faces of the people on the train or at work each day as a testament to that. Only if you're reading this and it resonates, is there also probably a drum inside you too that's been beating away "You were built for something better!", "Life was meant to be better!" or "I could be doing my life better!"

Maybe it's time.

If and only if that's you, then on this 10-year anniversary I encourage you to put one foot on the other path wherever the heck you think that might be. If you don't know, take a guess, have a stab, take a risk. What's the worst thing that can happen??? I'll tell you, you'll screw it up and have to take another step, that's all.

But you definitely DON'T want to keep being a part of the zombie train if that's not you!!!I see many of you are still on it and it feels like it's a hard decision to make. You say "But Bernard, I've worked so hard for this lifestyle. The kids are settled in school. I have a house now, an investment property, a new car. I have financial commitments you and responsibilities know I just can't throw that all away to follow purpose!!!"

OK, so let me tell you something a little raw and brutal. I think you are ready and can take it in the kindness it was intended.

That life will kill your soul and you will die old, unfulfilled, unhappy and bitter. Just look at the faces on the train, at the park, on the beach or at work each day as your reminder. Listen to the conversations on the train, bus and at work! Sound depressing don't they? And these people get excited about those conversations!!! That's not you!!

But oh well, look on the bright side, if you don't take the call, in time, you'll have all the money, assets and super to sustain that life you've built for as long as you live!!!

Or will you? Life's a bit unpredictable.

And then WHAT would it have all been for???

The choice is always and only, yours!

Tick tock, tick tock.

You could've have started 10 years ago.

Or you could wait another 10 to start.

Or you could just start today.

Tomorrow will know the answer.

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