Purpose Revealed. A Truth That No One Will Tell You!!!

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

For years I used to wonder what my purpose was.

I used to think we had to find the one purpose. Now I know that we can serve different purposes at different stages in life. I have found that serving and fulfilling a purpose at a point in time, prepares and conditions one for the next purpose ahead.

It's never too late to search and fulfil on your purpose.

If you deny the call to one, another will follow when the time is right. When you' are ready and skilled for the next purpose, it will come knocking on your door once again.

You always have a choice to step up and answer "the call" or you can choose to "pass". It's a courageous decision to answer so no judgement here. We're all on our own path. One thing I will leave you to contemplate are the following words.

You are the master that you seek.

I find life to be the ultimate platform for spiritual development and have found answering the calls to contain a peppering of challenge, excitement and healthy adversity or eustress. Not answering or ignoring the call often brings something quite different.

Find your purpose. Find your people.

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