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A Question

  • If you had a blank piece of paper in front of you and were asked to design your life, what would you write down???

  • This was one of the questions Georgie Hubbard asked me on The Mind To Lead Podcast (released Jan 2020).

  • Questions to ask?

    • What experiences do you want to draw into your life?

    • What’s one thing you can do everyday to make your dream life a reality?


  • Asking these 2 main questions will encourage you to think about the type of life you want to build and create. From there it’s showing up everyday in a good headspace to make this happen πŸ€›πŸ»πŸ˜Œ Love to know what you would write down.


Is this you? Senior Consultants

  • You're a senior consultant and been working in your industry for many years.

  • You might have a significant other, a house, maybe kids and almost everything you ever wanted.

  • You're doing the daily travel to and from work, but these days it's different.

  • You're wishing you had more time to spend with your significant other, the kids, your hobbies and exercise.

  • The first few signs of ageing are beginning to show and for the first time in life, you've started looking at the clock.

  • There's some big questions on your mind, you don't feel fully utilised and you still have so much to give.

  • Have you ever thought to put a few hours aside and create something for yourself? A product or service?

  • Something you're truly passionate about. So passionate, time stops when you're doing it.

  • Maybe it's time to experience how Design Thinking can help create that very thing?

  • Introducing the Business Lifestyle Design Jam.


Business Lifestyle Design Jam



  • The Lifestylepreneur, Digital Nomad or Gig Economy are those moving away from traditional work by creating new businesses.

  • They are striking out on their own with innovative ideas, products and services.

  • They want more control over their own work and life.


  • The big questions for these people are:

    • What business would I really want to create?

    • What lifestyle would I really want to live?

    • How do I manage both at the same time?

    • How do I keep myself focussed?


  • If these questions peek your interest, then this 2-hour workshop is for you!!!

  • Business Lifestyle Design is a system designed to discover the business and lifestyle you really desire.

  • Not the one you thought you wanted.

  • The system is so simple, a child could use it.


The 2-Hour Workshop




The Story Behind the Design Jam


So, I'm guessing you could be feeling a bit like I was. Lost, bored, fed-up, upset and even angry at times. Not that anything is wrong, but something is not quite right. And you're just not satisfied!


  • A little frustrated you're spending two hours travelling when you could be spending that time in a hundred other ways?

  • Bored with the 9-5, feeling under-utilised and wanting the day to be done by the time it's hit 10am.

  • Aching for the weekend wondering "what the hell am I doing with my life?"


Sound familiar??? This was me in 2010.


I couldn't stand working the way I was and when I finally got fired for not doing what I was supposed to be, I said to myself "Thank God!!! That job was killing me!!!" That was when I stopped in my tracks, took a look around and started taking the first few steps to discover what the heck I should be doing with my life and time.


The last 9 years have been by far so much more interesting and rewarding. I've learned some important lessons and skills in the art of Business-Lifestyle Design (my way of living). The foundation is ready to share with like-minded Digital Nomads and wanna-be Digital Nomads like you. With this system you'll just do it faster and smarter than I did. 


So if you've had enough, make a start and get a system to discover your ideal Business and Lifestyle Design in 2 hours and three easy steps. Business Lifestyle Design is a system designed to discover the business and lifestyle you really desire, not the one society, your parents or you thought you wanted. The system has been designed to uncover your deepest desires and create a plan on how to make it happen. We've simplified the system so even a child could use it.


Here's what's included.


What's Included


  • Business Lifestyle Experiences Module

    • Design the Future and understand the types of experiences you want in life, not just the goals you desire.

    • Imagine what it would be like to have a system that would show you how to create your most desirable 'future' by pulling in the business and lifestyle experiences you desire most.

    • It's the personal life-experience we crave that provides real fulfilment, not just the money and the things we think we want to buy along the way. Discovering this is part of the essential journey.

    • This module will share the simple four-step process of how to create a set of future experiences you desire and how to work towards pulling those experiences into your reality on a daily basis.


  • Business Lifestyle Scorecard Module

    • Design the Now and understand what it takes for you to be 'happy' on a day to day basis along with a tool for keeping score. Imagine what it would be like to have a scorecard to ensure you are living the 'now' business and lifestyle you desire. So while you move to your desired future, every day, every week and month is fulfilling. Some experiences will come faster into your reality than others. Some come in pieces. What's important while you're reeling them in is that everyday checks your boxes. This keeps you motivated. This module shows you how to set it up the scorecard system and the two minute investment you'll make daily, to keep yourself accountable and on track of what you are and are not doing.


  • Business Lifestyle 'Most Important Tasks' Module

    • Manage the tasks and understand how you're going to invest your time daily, weekly and monthly. Imagine what it would be like to be able to manage all the tasks that come your way. A simple system to avoid overwhelm and allow you to focus on what's important and move you towards the experiences of tomorrow. Overwhelm creates anxiety and anxiety causes us to act irrationally and avoid the work we need to do to get us where we want to go. This system will allow you to manage a whole suite of tasks with ease. Keep yourself accountable and on track, progressing daily.


And for good measure, I've decided to include the following:-


  • Business Lifestyle "Focus and Commitment" Module:

    • Manage your own mind, understand and put into practice what you must do to reprogram the subconscious and attain the focus and commitment like a zen Buddhist monk. This practice will provide a reset or reboot for your mind each day to ensure you stay focussed on the experiences at hand and that you do not waver. 


The Outcomes


  • A clear collection of future experiences you want to create in your life.

  • Knowing what you need to do to make these happen.

  • A scorecard of what makes you happy now.

  • A scorecard of how often you need to be doing it for it to be a 'fulfilling' day, week, month or year.

  • A 1-minute tracking system to determine if you're succeeding, failing doing too much.


Learned Skills


  • A Process for Business-Lifestyle Design

  • A Right Now Happiness Scorecard

  • Future Planning

  • Task Management


Take Aways


  • Two essentials to help discover your ideal business lifestyle.

  • Three strategies to ensure you effectively use the system (paper, scoring, recording).

  • The points of truth to determine whether you’re failing, succeeding or simply doing too much.

  • A tool to tweak and innovate.

  • A system specifically designed and tweaked for you.

  • Mental Clarity, Focus Peace of Mind

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The Facilitator


Bernard Schokman

Head of Consultancy, DM

  • Bernard Schokman conducts innovative product, service and ux design workshops across the east coast of Australia helping organisations create innovative products, services and processes for large organisations.

  • Five years ago, he discovered the Lifestylepreneur within and so began the journey to learn how to do it himself.

  • In this workshop he'll be sharing his simple, powerful three-step system that's helped him design and redesign his own personal Business-Lifestylepreneur by Design, adventure.

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