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Design Moshpit (DM) deliver outcomes with purpose-built Design Thinking workshops. These workshops facilitate communication, collaboration, decision-making and prioritisation. Serious fun.

  • Since 2014 we have been working across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

  • We've been using Design Thinking to design workshops that help organisations communicate, collaborate and get on the same page.

  • These life-sized posters are purposely designed for team collaboration, decision making and prioritisation.

  • Everyone must align, agree and be on the same page having considered perspective from across the group.

  • We've done this across retail, mining, technology, health, government, startup, building and education.


If you're new to this the place to start is with the Lightning Decision Jam. In an hour we'll demonstrate the principles and deliver an outcome.

Types of workshops include:

We also design bespoke workshops and outcomes:

  • 60 Clinicians solving the problem of the growing outpatient's list

  • 6 Global HR Managers solving the problem of managing Global Engagement & Performance

  • 8 Team Members solving the problem of delivering a late legislative project on time

  • 25 Public Servants solving the problem of one Planning Portal for 5 departments

  • 49 Information Technologists solving 7 of the process problems identified as problematic

  • 8 startups designing the new user experience for their next generation digital hospital handbook.

Bernard Schokman

Hello, it's nice to meet you!




Here's a summary of my background.


I commenced a career in full-stack software development and learned Machine Language, COBOL, Pascal, Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, HTML, CSS, Javascript, VBScript, Java and .Net. After a decade I transitioned into Automated Load and Performance Testing using Mercury Load Runner and Rational Functional Tester and later led the introduction of Automated Testing Tools to SEEK. I moved onto a role as a Technical Business Analysis and this was short-lived as I was quickly moved into a design role after demonstrating rapid prototyping skills. In my first design role I led the design of a proprietary CRM and two customer facing websites. I was appointed to lead the redesign of the Telstra Business Portal and successfully delivered on the experience. Keen to take a break to re-evaluate life and purpose, I attained a certificate IV in Sports Massage Therapy while renovating two houses and writing my first book titled "UX Like a BOSS".  A new found thirst for business saw me launch MyWare Australia Pty Ltd, a new training business in User Experience Design. In writing the book, launching the business and running trainings across the east coast of Australia, I discovered Design Thinking and it has me fascinated. The business was restructured and Design Moshpit Pty Ltd (DM) was launched.


Design Moshpit deliver on outcomes using Design Thinking and Billboards. These life-sized wall posters systematically help project teams communicate, collaborate, make group decisions, prioritise and ‘get on the same page’. 

Get in touch if you're keen to drive innovation, transformation or collaboration in your organisation.

Bernard Schokman
Head of Consultancy, DM

m. +61 414 486 876
w. www.designmoshpit.com

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