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"digital & HR workshop designer & facilitator"

Bernard is somewhat of a 'unicorn' - having started his career as a full-stack software developer he spent time as a technical business analyst before moving into a career of design, at the time with thanks to his rapid prototyping skills. He has since worked for some of the biggest brands in Australia including Telstra, SEEK, RMIT, AXA, AVIVA, Bullseye and more. Through the process of exploring personal passions and book writing, Bernard discovered a newfound thirst for business and design thinking, which led to the launch of his consulting company, Design Moshpit. Design Moshpit delivers on outcomes using Design Thinking and Designed Boards. These life-sized wall posters systematically help project teams communicate, collaborate, make group decisions, prioritise and ‘get on the same page’.

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I always thought my dream was to become a farmer or a vet. It seemed like an appropriate dream given my love of plants and animals. Sometimes, however, it seems that life has other plans for you.

I commenced my career with a solid decade of designing, coding and testing on a multitude of tech-stacks. I was never a gifted technologist, but I was always creative and could find a way to design and code any solution. It was oddly and nerdishly satisfying.

I caught fire when I stepped into Design Thinking.

While delivering one of the very first UX Design Courses in Australia, I found myself designing a user research workshop for discovery and insight. At the time the design process desperately needed acceleration to keep pace with development.

And that's when it happened; the spark that I was missing ignited.

I still love applying the design principles to workshops and research. It's still oddly satisfying to watch as designs unfold with discovery, insight and totally unexpected outcomes. I think in a way I'm kind of like those designs, I'm mouldable and adaptable while still keeping my principles intact.

Applied Design Thinking is a total fascination for me.

While I'm still enthusiastically grabbing onto other design frameworks and principles to integrate into my head, I no longer see the separation between the design methodologies - ux design, design thinking. lean method, agile method, business model canvas, strategyzer etc, They are all part of a whole.

Conversation Design.
- How to make the horse drink the water.

At the core however, I'm a father to three kids and a partner to a wonderful woman and that's what it really comes down to. I like to learn and I love good conversation. I'll bend over backwards to help someone and also understand the value in standing back. Balance.

My DISC profile is in the middle and just inside the C section (CAUTIOUS - Analytical, Detail-Oriented, Systematic). I am easy to work with, practical, knowledgeable, pride myself in my work and add an element of calm to a team. 

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how to find your purpose

mind to lead podcast | what experiences do you want to start having

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my failures


I'm a deep thinker, a design thinker and a systems thinker.


My natural talent is the ability to find and create order, structure and process, within chaos. We're all told it's essential to collaborate for perspective and speed, but we're not taught how. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of designing workshops to get the best out of individuals and help teams collaborate.


My journey like yours was not an easy one.

After having failed year 11, 12 and first-year university, having lost my best friend (car crash) and younger brother (drug addiction), survived my parent's separation and then my own (with three young kids) and while having re-invented myself on numerous occasions through the last 30 years in the IT industry, you could say my ability to conquer the odds is second to none. The biggest challenge of them all however,  was finding my purpose.

With every fibre of my being, I believe everyone has a unique purpose.


A purpose that life's experiences painfully forges us perfectly for. A purpose that matures and evolves as we do, while we live life and experience the world through our own unique perspective. Until such a time that we decide to search for and find purpose, we are merely sampling and experiencing life like a skipping stone across the water, not fully or whole-heartedly "living and breathing it". Finding your purpose is your only purpose. Not just from some point in the future, but for today and every day. I truly believe living on purpose is the only way to live a whole and fulfilling life. 

I've has taken my experiences from the last 30 years of building and designing Technology, coupled it with the learned design and systems thinking methodologies, blended it with my own personal style of conscious living and poured it into The Purpose Workshop. The Purpose Workshop is a 3-step system of discovering your purpose, creating a product in alignment with your purpose and then launching it as a real testable business product.

Step 1 - Purpose Workshop | Discover you, your story, and define your purpose and impact.

Step 2 - Idea Workshop | Take your ideas and design something good.

Step 3 - Event Workshop | Take the idea, define a user and define next steps.

Life's experiences have purpose-built you for something specific.


Something no one else can do the way you can do it. It's likely your purpose is buried in an idea or thoughts you've had in your head that from time to time keep tapping you on the shoulder. A thought you keep having but never seem to have the time to start or fulfil. Is now the time? Are you finally ready? Or will you let another year pass you by?


Tick-tock, tick-tock. The decision is yours!!!


So what's the first step? Easy. Reserve a spot in the complimentary 1-hour Purpose Webinar and I'll show you how I found my purpose and designed a product or service with three free tools.


Take the first step to Freedom and begin the journey to ultimate Fulfilment.

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