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Workshops are great for Team Building and there's a stream of workshops to run across a digital or HR project timeline where you can do that. Want to make an important decision? Align the team to a business strategy? Design a product or service? Define the customer journey?  Create a digital UX design? There's a workshop for these and more. 

The big deal our clients make about these workshops is oftentimes about team alignment. Having the team contribute, collaborate, align and buy in to the end decision, outcome or solution - is always important to them.


They understand the influence alignment has on flow.

Below is a sample of Design Moshpit Workshops.

In reality though, every workshop is different and must be tailored so by understanding the requirements and desired outcomes of the organisation.

Design Moshpit Workshop Types.png



Design Moshpit Workshop Discovery.png

THE DISCOVERY | The Challenge Discovery workshop is the very first workshop you'll experience. It's a one-hour workshop where we dig deeper into your big hairy challenge and learn everything we can about it.

Design Moshpit Workshop Lightning Decisi

MAKING DECISIONS | The Lightning Decision workshop drives team and stakeholder decisions in one hour. An introduction to our Design Thinking style workshops if you've never played with it before.

Design Moshpit Workshop Business Strateg

BUSINESS STRATEGY | The Business Strategy workshop identifies the collection of initiatives a business could take on in the next period and then what it should according to the key team and stakeholders.

Design Moshpit Workshop Project Vision.p

PROJECT VISION | The Project Vision workshop. Take a 10,000 foot view of a new initiative at hand. Identify the key drivers - purpose, scope, team, responsibilities and success metrics.

Design Moshpit Workshop Product Design.p

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESIGN | The Product/Service Design workshop. Drive a product/service design or redesign and take a deep-dive into the product universe.  Use it to drive a Digital User Experience (UX) Design and Development Sprints.

Design Moshpit Workshop Customer Journey

CUSTOMER JOURNEY | The Customer/User Journey workshop. Investigate how your customer interacts with your organisation, products or service. Identify untapped business opportunity.

Design Moshpit Workshop UX Design.png

DIGITAL UX DESIGN | The User Experience Design workshop. Design an intuitive and easy to use digital experience for your user whether a product, service, mobile app, website or fully-blown application.

Design Moshpit Workshop Agile Sprint.png

AGILE SPRINT | The Agile Sprint Design workshop. Determine how you will deliver a product or service to foster immediate customer usage, feedback and validation.

Design Moshpit Workshop Purpose Design.p

PURPOSE DESIGN | The Purpose Design workshop.Reveal the purpose patterns for the people in your organisation. Identify purpose projects to make the organisation more impactful and employee experience more meaningful.

Design Moshpit Workshop Values

VALUES DESIGN | The Values Design workshop. Organisational values may have changed over COVID or maybe it's time to revisit them with your key stakeholders, team or entire company to ensure they're still correct and relevant.

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