A 1-DAY WORKSHOP  |  saturday may 15 2021

Want to live a more meaningful and conscious life?


This hands-on, life-changing workshop is designed to help you

distill what's important to you and move forward with absolute clarity and certainty.

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GC Hub and Design Moshpit have partnered to put together a 12-month program of workshops. It's about putting aside a few hours each month to work on developing your idea or business. This workshop is all about finding your Purpose and creating a well defined statement. One that resonates. 

It's The Purpose Workshop!!!

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what if you had?



A "purpose" that enabled you to overcome big, hairy challenges, blocks and barriers?

A method and strategy to start seeing the path so you can start living the dream?

All of this is possible and MORE!



SO what is purpose?

well what makes you feel truly fulfilleD?

It is love? Family? Money? Success?


Or is it finding out who you truly are and what you're truly made of? To live a life of purpose we must first discover ourselves, our reason for being and our connection to something greater.


This is the discovery and collection of EVERYTHING that’s important to an individual and then a distillation and interpretation of what is MOST important to you right now!

Your Purpose.

It's called The Purpose Workshop and it's about finding yourself! We need to find ourselves each time we arrive at a new season in life, otherwise, we end up frustrated, directionless, lost and without purpose.

Purpose is about knowing who you are, where you're going and why.

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what you get

a set of 8 guided intropective activities

The Purpose Workshop is a set of eight online guided activities, designed to shift and expand your thoughts and your imagination. It’s one deep strategically designed conversation with yourself. A conversation of discovery, contemplation and decision-making.

  • Identify your driving forces

  • Clarify your unique value to the world

  • Decide on what’s most important to you

  • Derive an undeniable Purpose statement

  • Contemplate a personal impact backed by story

  • Choose powerful future experiences with inspired actions

  • Benchmark personal happiness

  • Be in total alignment with the clarity of who you are, where you are going and why!

  • Launch into a mode of flow and action

why choose us?

because we're the conversatioN experts

At Design Moshpit we have first hand, industry experience at crafting meaningful conversations.  We are industry leaders in designing conversations for organisations and their big hairy challenges. The Purpose Workshop design itself, is at the forefront of technological innovation. We’ve used the latest bleeding-edge digital design methodologies (design thinking and user experience design) to design a program of world-class workshops. The Purpose Workshop is one. 

The workshop is run live and online using the video and audio conferencing tool Zoom. All you need is a power source, a computer and internet connection. Your work is yours to keep. View, review and rework your purpose content 24/7 anywhere, anytime, anyplace using the free cloud-based industry tool Miro. 

Simple. Clean. Easy.


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"things kept coming up"

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Summer Brown

Event Coordinator

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"The Purpose Workshop allowed me to mind-dump and realise that a lot of things that I had only given a fleeting thought to, actually kept coming up. These things then ended up becoming an important part of my overall purpose. Without this process, I may have missed an important aspect of my journey. It was also interesting to see where my focus was going and where I could change it to balance out and create more flow. I absolutely loved the interactive tools we used, it was very cool to see all of your ideas displayed right in front of you and then be able to condense them down into your purpose at the end. Absolutely Brilliant !!!"

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Ashleigh Luong

Agile Product Manager

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"If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed with life, it's a great starting point to re-assess and feel into what it is, that is important to you. IT will help you find your why, which is the stepping stone to possibilities."

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Stefan Jay

Senior Product Designer

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"It helped me discover what was really important to me. the things that were keeping me awake at night wondering 'what can I do?' It helped bring them out and bring clarity to what my purpose is and what I need to do next."

Karina Miotto

Deep Ecology & Sustainability

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"It helps you to organise your thoughts, feelings and ideas in a very simple way. You will be able to see more clearly what you are passionate about, how to work on it and live from it."


"discovering what was important to me"

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"distilling IT into meaningful, simple solutions"

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Michael Lauria
Excalibur Program

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The process I was taken through was consultative, and comprehensive and the end result showcased not only the very best representation of the workshop, but a creation and re-imaging of it I could not have achieved myself.

The participants received so much amazing value from the workshop that I have integrated both the creative and delivery into my programs as an ongoing offering in replacements of what I was delivering prior."

Holly Tatteswell

Digital Talent Co

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"I have thoroughly enjoyed working like this over the past few months on a range of projects. It has an incredible ability to distill business problems into meaningful, simple solutions where everyone feels heard and included."

Troy Irwin
Deep Travel Designer

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"We used the process to develop a new online service. It helped us to think about our product processes and elements from different perspectives and resulted in a product that better suits the needs of our clients.

It is a scaffolded process that enabled us to re-imagine how we can add value to our clients. It added energy and enthusiasm and a holistic personal tailored approach that we needed, to make this innovative new service a success."

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WIRED for expansion

there is a purpose for every season of life

It’s up to you to discover what that is and it’s different for everyone. Fail to discover your purpose and you will be left feeling frustrated, directionless and a little lost. 

Succeed and you will have found your source of energy, drive and daily happiness. When you have eventually fulfilled that purpose then you simply move onto the next because people like you are wired for expansion. Finding your purpose is essential to your continued expansion and growth as a spirited human being.

this is your time

the time for helping others is over

The time for you for helping yourself and discovering your Purpose is NOW!!!

This is about you. Don’t wait.

The Purpose Workshop will redefine what matters most to you so you can live a life of fulfilment and live your life on a grander scale.


In these unprecedented times we want to help those looking to expand their consciousness and live a fulfilling life with Purpose.




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Bernard Schokman, Design Thinker and Founder of Design Moshpit, has worked in numerous digital roles across large corporations, medium sized and startup organisations. In 2007 he moved into a career deep in Design | Product Design, Service Design, UX Design, Design Thinking and Workshop Design.


Having reinvented himself on numerous occasions he wanted to capture the essence of it and design something to help himself and others do it again and again.

The Purpose Workshop was born.


He has authored industry design books "UX Like a BOSS" and co-authored "Design Thinking Moderator" with Sean McGuire - Design Thinker at Microsoft. He has also provided design mentoring for various organisations across Australia while lecturing in Design Management at Victoria University. He’s a father of three, a compliment to an amazing woman, loves learning, surfing, ocean swimming and has an insatiable appetite for deep conversation with anyone.

Let's talk Purpose!