In this workshop we're going to identify your purpose with 8 specific tools created to help you evaluate where you are now, decide on what's relevant today and then move forward with certainty.

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Feeling a little lost or overwhelmed with life?

Uncertain about your next steps?

Wondering where the heck you're going?

Like to figure out where you could be?

What you could be doing?

Need help organising all those thoughts, feelings and ideas?

Being kept up at night wondering "what can I do?"

Hey, we're all looking for something.  

And if we're honest with ourselves we all have a VOID within. Somewhere!!! A big hole that stops us from feeling whole. And we've all got it, but we ignore it for years using a bunch of coping mechanisms to quiet the drum. You know, the drum that says "surely there's a better way", "surely I can be more fulfilled", "surely there's something more to life than this!". Instead, we're stuffing and squashing that little drum deep down inside.

You've most likely been running the mouse-wheel for years with no time to think about anything let alone "purpose". But since COVID you've been given a gift of time and that fosters reflection.


Chances are you've decided somewhere deep down that it's time to start looking for something more, something better, something satisfying. But you're not quite sure what that is or which way to step. What you need now is a tried-and-tested process to help you find it and a plan to get you started.

The Purpose Workshop.




Purpose Workshop | Find your Purpose

Purpose Workshop Agenda

  • Create your personal "Hero Card"

  • Unpack your view of "The World"

  • Contemplate your "Ikigai" or reason for being.

  • Discover your "Who am I?" set of rules

  • Assemble your "Purpose Tapestry" statement

  • Choose your "Impact"

  • Put your purpose into action with the next steps

  • Create your baseline "Happiness Scorecard"

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WHAT'S different about it?


What's unique about this particular workshop is that this whole thing uses a cloud collaboration tool that's easy to use, highly visual and highly interactive. The strategic plan you follow with each step digs deep and unpacks information from within your story. Now you can actually see it in front of you. You. Your story. Your fingerprint. Moment by moment, you're building that story in a structured and ordered manner that allows deep contemplation and reflection. What's also unique about this whole process is that you actually get to put your fingerprint into it. And it's only when we get to put our fingerprint into it, that we actually buy into it and own it. top of that, the whole thing is yours to keep, revise and review at your leisure.

We've taken knowledge and experience from the last 30 years of building and designing technology and facilitating workshops in the digital arena, coupled it with Industry Design Thinking and Systems Thinking methodologies, blended it with our own style of conscious awareness and distilled from it "The Purpose Workshop". A system of discovering your purpose from how you see yourself and the world around you. 



Everyone has a unique purpose. A purpose that life's experiences forge them perfectly for - sometimes painfully. A purpose that matures and evolves as we do, while we live life and experience the world through our unique perspective. Until such a time that we decide to search for and find purpose, we are merely sampling and experiencing life like a skipping stone across the water. Not fully or whole-heartedly "living and breathing it". I believe in living a life on purpose, being on-purpose, doing on-purpose and living life fully on purpose. Not just from some point in the foreseeable or distant future. Everyday!!! I believe that truly living on purpose is the way to live a whole and fulfilling life.


So I know right about now you're thinking "but I can do this myself" and my response would be "Yes, of course, you can!!!" But the question is, will you? And will you be able to based on these steps because we haven't given you all of them? And if you do decide to do-it-yourself, how long will it take you to? And what could have you done with the time otherwise? There's an Investment-Opportunity trade-off in everything we do. 


Don't waste time. It's all here!!!

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Summer Brown

Event Coordinator

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"The Purpose Workshop allowed me to mind-dump and realise that a lot of things that I had only given a fleeting thought to, actually kept coming up. These things then ended up becoming an important part of my overall purpose. Without this process, I may have missed an important aspect of my journey. It was also interesting to see where my focus was going and where I could change it to balance out and create more flow. I absolutely loved the interactive tools we used, it was very cool to see all of your ideas displayed right in front of you and then be able to condense them down into your purpose at the end. Absolutely Brilliant !!!"

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Ashleigh Luong

Agile Product Manager

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"If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed with life, it's a great starting point to re-assess and feel into what it is, that is important to you. IT will help you find your why, which is the stepping stone to possibilities."

Stefan Jay

Senior Product Designer

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"It helped me discover what was really important to me. the things that were keeping me awake at night wondering 'what can I do?' It helped bring them out and bring clarity to what my purpose is and what I need to do next."

Karina Miotto

Deep Ecology & Sustainability

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"It helps you to organise your thoughts, feelings and ideas in a very simple way. You will be able to see more clearly what you are passionate about, how to work on it and live from it."



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Michael Lauria
Excalibur Program

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The process I was taken through was consultative, and comprehensive and the end result showcased not only the very best representation of the workshop, but a creation and re-imaging of it I could not have achieved myself.

The participants received so much amazing value from the workshop that I have integrated both the creative and delivery into my programs as an ongoing offering in replacements of what I was delivering prior."

Holly Tatteswell

Digital Talent Co

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"I have thoroughly enjoyed working like this over the past few months on a range of projects. It has an incredible ability to distill business problems into meaningful, simple solutions where everyone feels heard and included."

Troy Irwin
Deep Travel Designer

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"We used the process to develop a new online service. It helped us to think about our product processes and elements from different perspectives and resulted in a product that better suits the needs of our clients.

It is a scaffolded process that enabled us to re-imagine how we can add value to our clients. It added energy and enthusiasm and a holistic personal tailored approach that we needed, to make this innovative new service a success."

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START today!!!

Are you ready? Yes?


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Find your purpose and join the tribe.




I'm a thinker. A deep thinker. A design thinker and a systems thinker.

My talent is my ability to find order, structure and process, in chaos. I've helped local and global organisations solve some gnarly problems with Design Thinking, but now something has changed.

COVID created a space for me to pause and reflect. And I did.

After failing nearly every subject in year 11, 12 and first-year university, having lost my best friend (car crash) and younger brother (drug addiction), survived my parent's separation, my own (three kids), and having re-invented myself repeatedly in the last 30 years, I'm concluding my ability to conquer the odds is second to none.

What kept me going? Purpose - Every time.

I believe everyone has a series-of-purposes that "life's experience" forges them for. One that matures and evolves as they do, while they live and experience the world through their particular lens. Until we decide to find it we are sampling and experiencing life like a skipping stone, but not fully, deeply or whole-heartedly "living and breathing it".

I believe in having, living and doing things on purpose. Everyday. Not just from some arbitrary point in the future - for instance, retirement.

Living on purpose is the way to live a whole and fulfilling life. 

Everyday. Today. Right now.

Life's experiences have built you for something specific. Something no one else can do the way you want to. A thought or idea in your head that just keeps tapping you, but you never seem to have time for.

Well, now might just be that time for you!!!


I always thought my dream was to become a farmer or a vet. It seemed like an appropriate dream given my love of plants and animals. Sometimes, however, it seems that life has other plans for you.

I commenced my career with a solid decade of designing, coding and testing on a multitude of tech-stacks. I was never a gifted technologist, but I was always creative and could find a way to design and code any solution. It was oddly and nerdishly satisfying.

I caught fire when I stepped into "Design Thinking".

While delivering one of the very first UX Design Courses in Australia, I found myself designing a user research workshop for discovery and insight. At the time the design process desperately needed acceleration to keep pace with development.

And that's when it happened; the spark that I was missing ignited. Designing workshops.

I still love applying the design principles to workshops and research. It's still oddly satisfying to watch as designs unfold with discovery, insight and totally unexpected outcomes. I think in a way I'm kind of like those designs, I'm mouldable and adaptable while still keeping my principles intact.

Applied "Design Thinking" is a total fascination for me.

While I'm still enthusiastically grabbing onto other design frameworks and principles to integrate into my head, I no longer see the separation between the design methodologies - ux design, design thinking. lean method, agile method, business model canvas, strategyzer etc, They are all part of a whole.

Conversation Design.
- How to make the horse drink the water.

At the core however, I'm a father to three kids and a partner to a wonderful woman and that's what it really comes down to. I love to learn and I love good conversation. I'll bend over backwards to help someone and also understand the value in standing back. Balance.

My DISC profile is pretty much in the middle and just inside the C section (CAUTIOUS - Analytical, Detail-Oriented, Systematic). I am easy to work with, practical, knowledgeable, pride myself in my work and add an element of calm to a team.

The Purpose Workshop is some of my very best work.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

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